You look fine

As one of five girls, you don’t have to tell me how to get ready in the morning. It’s a procedure that takes more planning than a Camp David Summit… but there’s more arguing. Our matching blue uniforms would be laid out the previous night but that did little to keep doom at bay. In the morning, we each reached for the wrong dress, tried to do our hair by stealing another sister’s comb, got all our barrettes mixed up, found a run in our stockings and much more. And this was just school. Sunday mornings were a fresh hell indeed. Take the frustration of a school morning and multiply it by 20 and, voila! Ready for church.

After all that terror, my philosophy now falls a little to the left of shirt, pants and shoes. And I don’t care if they match. But I know that my attitude towards fashion is not shared by most.

Most young girls, influenced by the media, go through much the same routine that I once did. However, they take measures to the extreme because their goal is not simply to look pretty, it’s to look like an adult.

Body augmentation, liposuction, hair extensions, tighter clothes, smaller clothes, higher heels, skinny waists, these are all desired in order to achieve perfection. Their deeds are only rewarded when they catch the attention of a man.

But it doesn’t end there. Men are recently coming under more pressure to fit a certain perfection to attract girls.

I recently found this video where not only is a woman objectified by her breasts, a man is objectified to the point where he is no longer a person. He’s just a head of hair. This is a horrible advertisement, but it’s almost something we now expect from Axe. The same way we expect sexism from Carl’s Jr. It doesn’t make it right… but as long as we’re aware, we can be above the bar.


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