Off to Canada!

“If John Kerry wins this election, I’m moving to Canada!”


These were the words of a 16 year-old repeating something that was heard at church and  a few times on the right-leaning news channel FOX News back in 2004.

Forget the fact that she was still living at home and a move to Canada was highly improbable. That was the statement that she heard and it’s what she repeated.

Journalism should allow viewers of any age to objectively view an event and then make their own decisions about it. How many people do you know that repeat something verbatim that they heard on the news or read in an opinion column? Probably more than you realize. Keep an open ear and hear what people are saying. Ask where they got that information. Ask them to think about it.

Because that’s what journalists should do: hand out the facts and ask people to think for themselves. We have a very powerful tool that’s being bandied about right now. Are we informing or brainwashing?

Oh, that girl that was moving to Canada? That was me. And I didn’t go anywhere. I don’t plan to, either.



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