Oddly specific Job Trends in Films

I know this deviates from my main topic of media’s effect on children, but this article was too good to pass up. It also falls nicely into place with the SCWAMP style that we’ve been discussing in class.


This Cracked article goes deeply into how films portray 30-something white males and females by analyzing job trends. Specifically, that “Creative, Handsome and Funny Guys Are Architects”. Women are also only given 3 jobs in movies, “Something Vaguely Related to Journalism”, “Something Vaguely Related to Wearing Lots of Pantsuits”, and “Founder and Often Sole Employee of a Cute Specialty Shop (Mostly Bakeries)”.

The author of the article says that these story lines are regurgitated again and again with very little deviation.And as we were discussing in class, the women featured usually need only the love of a man to make their pathetic lives better.

I clearly need to re-watch some of these films. I liked most of the ones that were mentioned and it makes me wonder… do I really want what those movies are selling? Perhaps.

(In case the link doesn’t work, here’s the address to the article. It’s very well written and worth the read. http://www.cracked.com/blog/3-bizarrely-specific-job-trends-in-movies/)


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