“I’m not Bootiful!!!”

I have a friend who filmed his daughter throwing a fit. She’s about 6 or 7 years old. Fits are common. But here’s the difference between this fit and others.

He lets her help photoshop pictures sometimes but this time, he didn’t take away the red eye in a photo of her.

She won’t even let him point the camera in her face and covers her eyes, SCREAMING. She believes that because she can’t be fixed on the computer, she is no longer beautiful.

My friend posted on Facebook about the incident: “What kind of monster did I create? No more letting her help with photoshop. She is getting a little to worried about her image.”

I agree. He’s a good dad who knows what he’s looking at now. Media literacy wins this battle and I think he’ll be more careful about what she’s exposed to in the future.


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  1. Oh my gosh, my heart broke a little watching this. It’s so sad that at such a young age she is already concerned about her image and believes she can only be beautiful with the aid of a computer. It just shows you how impressionable children really are. I’m glad media literacy is prevailing with your friend. 🙂
    I feel that the growing use of Photoshop in the home really demonstrates what an impact the media has had on people’s anxiety about their appearance. It used to be bad enough for your self-esteem to see a magazine with a perfectly airbrushed model on it but now people want to achieve that perfection in their personal photos. There are many people who purchase Photoshop for personal business use but I know there are others who spend hundreds of dollars (Photoshop is so expensive!) so they can drastically airbrush their photos for social networking sites to look like the model ideal we are presented with by celebrities and advertising. And so now we are seeing retouched pictures of models AND everyday people all the time. It definitely alters the view of what is truly normal and real.

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