I’m on a boat!

The film Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes explains how many hip hop influences can reflect negatively on society.

When we said who our favorite hip hop and rap artists were, the first artist that came into my mind was the parody skit group “The Lonely Island.”

I was able to watch one of their videos using the frame that I received from the hip hop video and I realized that this is more than just a funny song and video, it’s making fun of the entire hip hop scene.

Warning: this is the clean version, but it looks like they missed a couple of words.

At the breakfast table, the guys are acting normal, just eating cereal. But as soon as they step onto the boat, their whole attitude changes. This implies that people can be who they truly are in the comfort of their own homes but must put on a front before going into public.

The cameras are all positioned below the singers to suggest a feeling of dominance. Much of the posturing in this video is similar to the other videos we saw in class but instead of throwing money at the camera, they throw burgers.

Their phrases are also ridiculous, making fun of similar lyrics in rap music. “Never thought I’d be on a boat/It’s a big blue watery road” and “Hey ma, if you could see me now/Arms spread wide on the starboard bow/Gonna fly this boat to the moon somehow.” Fly a boat to the moon? RIDICULOUS!!!

Because their message resembles modern hip hop and rap so closely, they are a big hit with teens and young adults. A lot of their other videos are equally as funny/foolish. Hopefully, the kids that are watching this can see that these parodies are exposing popular rap music as the ridiculous show that it is.

Oh, and the parental advisory sticker that comes with explicit CDs? We talked about how kids who see that are more likely to want those items. Check out T-Pain’s shirt at 2:40. It’s a status symbol now. But that’s a topic for another blog entry.


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  1. Haha their videos and songs are pretty funny. So ridiculously over the top. I have talked to people, however, who had never thought of it as a parody but rather always thought of them as any other hip-hop group. Kind of like the young people who thought “Beavis and Butthead” were “cool” and something to imitate but the characters were in fact created to make fun of the day’s youth. Just shows you the state of a lot of hip-hop these days if something that is supposed to be a parody can sneak past some people and fit right in with the rest of the genre.

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