From despair to hope

After we watched the film Dreamworlds in class, I was depressed. I’m a happy person. I don’t get depressed. But I was in a 3 hour funk.

The images that I saw felt like they had been literally branded onto my eyes. How do people think that this is the right way to behave? The very first thing that popped into my head was… “It’s hopeless. We can never change everyone.”  I have decided to take a step back for a while and focus on something else.

Then I found this Halloween gem. Last week, ABC News set up cameras in a department store and placed actors who posed questions to their fellow shoppers. Can my son dress up like Belle? Can my daughter dress up like SpiderMan?

The reactions were astounding. Every person they questioned sided with the mom. Even small children scoffed at the costume choices.

All except one couple.

Their conversation with the mother was heartfelt and open. And it gave me the lift out of the funk that I needed. Even during this scary time of year, there’s a little hope. Someday, kids won’t be boxed into gender roles. Maybe that day can be today.


What are YOU going to be for Halloween?


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  1. This video, that I missed, seems to have stirred some very deep feelings among the members of the class. The “Reflection” papers that are due on this one must make for interesting reading for Lynnne. I have to do a “make-up” on this. I will wear my armor for the viewing!

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