Spike Lee Directs My Life

On the same day that the class watched Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”, one letter to the editor was printed in the UAF weekly, the Sun Star. This letter was longer than the ones usually accepted and it was anonymous regarding an incident that took place in MacLean House. As a residence life staff member, I am not permitted to share any confidential information but I will only stick to the facts that have been made public due to this forum.

I will say this, “Do the Right Thing” has become real life!

All the story elements are there. One community that has lived in relative peace for about 15 years + One day where everyone is hanging out together + One person who is from outside the community makes a faux pas = One big problem.

Luckily, there was no fire or moody young man who threw a garbage can though a window (yet). However, this ending is the same. Some things are in ruins while some things are going to get better. It all takes time.

P.S. Ignore the last comment on the Sun Star page. Some people don’t know how to use letters to the editor.


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