The Wrap-Up

My original plan for this blog was to highlight children’s media and how society treats youth. I strayed from that plan a few times, but with good reason. There is so much to learn out there about how the media affects our lives and it was so interesting! As a society, we consume so much media that I was able to implement things I learned in this class every day.

The feedback from my friends has been pretty mixed. My last post is just an example of the kind of things that I’m starting to notice. Sometimes someone will say something to me that seems incredibly racist/sexist and I’ll think to myself, “Are these people just becoming horrible or has this been going on all my life and I’m just waking up to it?”

This class has been really enlightening and it’s astounding how much I have learned. I hope that it becomes part of the Baccalaureate core because everyone should take this class. Seriously.

I think I’ll continue this blog after the class is over to highlight things that I notice in the media.

This picture that I found on the internet is pretty much how my conversations with my friends go after this class.



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  1. Hey Ashleigh, it’s cool that you want to keep posting on here and that you got so much out of the class.
    It was fun reading your blog over the semester. I really enjoyed your posts. 🙂
    Happy continued blogging! 🙂


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